This website is meant as a teaching tool for clients I work with and others, and was created to make sharing these sounds easier by myself- Peter Meilahn. I am a therapist at The Minnesota Biofeedback Clinic in Minneapolis and Family Life Mental Health Center in Coon Rapids,.

People use certain sound rhythms to balance their thinking and brains faster if the sound rhythm matches a brain rhythm that helps. People listen and feel the rhythm inside them like people feel music inside them. The rhythm is one people naturally make already, and listeners can also remember it later by remembering the sound experience. The one below makes their sense of calm and attention stronger. It also goes side to side on headphones for stimulating brain balancing even more if the listener uses headphones (this is the same technique used in education and counseling tools like BrainGym and EMDR use). These tools have been used by people at work, students in schools, and by clinical staff from places like the University of Minnesota Medical Center and more.

It can be used as background sounds to work, to online movies, music, art, or whatever your emotions and imagination can do. It helps the listener's mind volume for health, wellness, performance, and creativity. 

User Guide:

People often use these sounds with Netflix, iTunes, and others. Use them with movies or music you love or other ideas you might have..

This type of sound tool has been researched for mental performance and health recovery at Duke, California State University, University of Virginia, National Health Service- UK, and others.

These types of sounds are used by people around the world for many reasons. They are also used by staff and their families from Hazelden, University of Minnesota Medical Center, and people around the world.

Agree to the rules below before playing:

If you play the sounds you agree that you are your own legal gaurdian or that your legal gaurdian's permission. You also agree to not force anyone to listen including children. If you are under 18 you will ask your parents or legal gaurdian. You also agree to have every listener agree to these rules before playing or listening. You can read more about that here.

By playing the sound you agree to take full responsibility for following the guidelines, and full responsibility for the effects of using the site on yourself and others. And by using the site you are agreeing to the full liability waiver here. If you feel better and more clear than that is what we are hoping for, but if you feel overwhelmed from thoughts or feelings you might need to seek professional help. 

You agree to not use the sound while operating machinery, driving, drinking alcohol, using illegal drugs or any drugs without your doctors approval.

People with a seizure history need to know how the sounds affect them and agree to be careful. The rhythm of the sound is actually used to treat seizure, but this site is not meant to be a treatment. We ask that yo u be careful if you have a seizure history.

By playing the sounds you agree to follow the rules and understand you take responsibility for using this site. 

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